SSRS staff help researchers ease the administrative burdens that stem from extramural research funding by preparing and submitting grant applications and providing post-award financial management and support for compliance issues related to research.


SSRS provides a full range of computing services for social science research through the Social Science Computing Cooperative (SSCC). SSCC combines powerful computing and statistical software resources with a professional staff.


Andrew Arnold

Position title: Director, SSCC

Daniel Bongert

Position title: Linux Systems Administrator

Aaron Crandall

Position title: Director, Social Science Research Services

Michael Culbertson

Position title: Research Scientist

Russell Dimond

Position title: Associate Director, SSCC /Statistical Consultant

Mary Lynn Dombrowski

Position title: Office Administrator

Cody Gerhartz

Position title: Endpoint Support Specialist

Zach Heise

Position title: Windows Systems Administrator

Douglas Hemken

Position title: Statistical Consultant

Grace Herndon

Position title: Outreach Program Coordinator

Ryan Horrisberger

Position title: Technical Services Manager

Soobin Kim

Position title: Research Scientist

Vacant Position

Position title: Director, DISC

Reba Schmidt

Position title: Windows System Administrator

Al Schultz

Position title: Accountant II

Ryan St Peters

Position title: User Support Specialist

Jason Struck

Position title: Statistical Consultant

David Thompson

Position title: Linux System Administrator

Amanda Todd

Position title: User Support Specialist

Joe Wright

Position title: Post Award Research Adminsitrator